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Diverse range of applications for your bioprocessing needs.

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In Vitro Diagnostics Sample Preparation

  • Rapidly concentrate biomarkers of interest (e.g. proteins, DNA, RNA, viruses, extracellular vesicles) 

  • Simultaneously remove unwanted molecules (e.g. salts, assay-interfering contaminants) 

  • Suitable for a variety of sample types such as urine, saliva and other biofluids

  • Portable, simple-to-use and power-free design for point-of-care settings

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Therapeutic Processing

  • Isolate cells and extracellular vesicles from ​cell culture media with high yield and purity

  • Gentle handling of cells and extracellular vesicles to maintain functional and structural integrity

  • Scalable process with potential to process large volumes

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Laboratory Research


Simple & affordable sample concentration & purification for research laboratories:​

  • Sample desalting

  • Buffer exchange

  • Removal of labeling agents

  • Biomolecule purification

  • Nanoparticle purification



“Highly interested in your product and looking forward to our collaboration."
- Director of Global Scientific Affairs at Diagnostics Assay Development Company

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